About the Artist

Thanks for visiting my site! I'd love to share a little bit about my story!

Art has always been part of my life. I knew at a young age that art was a subject I would pursue. After working in the animation industry for 12 years, my love of imagining, drawing, and creating inspired a new career path. In 2013, prompted by this passion, I began developing my own designs and illustrations.

As my business grew I began to focus on Mid-Century Modern inspired design.  I draw inspiration from this design style by incorporating simple shapes and bold colors often found in the Mid-Century Modern era. I am passionate about color, shapes and creating a joyful feeling of “nostalgia” with a modern twist.

My work can be found in my store and it is currently featured in a local shops around the Pacific Northwest. I can often be found sharing my prints, cards, pins, and tea towels at local art walks and craft shows in the Seattle area. 

I'm accepting freelance opportunities in illustration, design, licensing and textile design! Please email amber@amberleaders.com with any questions!  

Thank you sharing in my ever-evolving artistic journey.