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Orders won't be fulfilled until after April 28th.
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Art has always been part of my life. I knew at a young age that art was a subject I would pursue. After working in the animation industry for 12 years, my love of imagining, drawing, and creating inspired a new career path. In 2013, prompted by this passion, I began developing my own designs and illustrations.

As my business grew I began to focus on Mid-Century Modern inspired design. My designs reflect elements of my life experiences and through my art I share a life that can be messy, beautiful and colorful – all at once. I draw inspiration from this design style by incorporating simple shapes and bold colors. I am passionate about color, shapes and creating a joyful feeling of “nostalgia” with a modern twist.

My work can be found in my store and it is currently featured in a local shops around the Pacific Northwest. I can often be found sharing my prints, tea towels, cards and postcards at local art walks and craft shows.   

I hope to one day open my own shop in a quaint Seattle neighborhood. Not only will this space allow me to continue to expand my craft, I'd love to offer art narrative + therapy classes, host pop-up shops or other art exhibits. 

Thank you sharing in my ever-evolving artistic journey.



I'm accepting freelance opportunities in illustration, design, licensing and textile design! Please email amber@amberleaders.com with any questions!